Reasons to shop from us

Springtime Farms is proud to be farm to fashion. Forty-two alpacas grow the fiber. The crochet, knitting, felting, and sewing is done by farm owner, Meredith.

*The yarn is spun at a mini-mill in Newborn, OR. The alpaca bedding is made in Canada.


"My husband loves the Snuggly Toes. He works in a cold storage and is in the freezers a lot. The floors are concrete and about -20 degrees. Before I got him the Snuggly Toes he constantly complained his feet were so cold they hurt. Now he says his feet don't get cold at all, they stay nice and toasty all night. -Peggy

"Just wanted to let you know that I've lost my insoles to my daughter with the cold feet. She absolutely loves them! This is the first time in years that she doesn't wear 2 pairs of socks to keep her feet warm. I'm so happy I found your product!" -Bernadette

"I love your Snuggly Toes. I can't remember the last time I was out shoveling snow and my feet weren't freezing. This year that never happened." -Arlene

"Decker no longer sleeps on the furniture. He prefers his Snugglytoes alpaca bed." - Lynn

"Hershey loves his dog bed. Thanks, Meredith" -Bob

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!