Down alternative bedding

Crescent Moon comforter, mattress pad and pillow on bed
Are you looking for bedding that's warm, comfortable but NOT filled with goose down?

Alpaca bedding

Alpaca bedding is all natural, incredibly warm and hypoallergenic.

Alpaca bedding from Crescent Moon Duvets is shipped approximately one week after it's ordered. Free shipping via UPS

Alpaca Comforters

Our down alternative comforters are light and airy, but still incredibly warm. Alpaca fiber (some call it alpaca wool) is naturally warm thanks to the air pockets in each hair. The air pockets create natural insulation. The comforters also have some wool. The combination keeps the comforters light. With this down alternative bedding, you can stay warm without the weight of a heavy blanket.

Lightweight Alpaca Comforter

If a regular alpaca comforter seems like too much for you warm blood folks, try a lightweight alpaca comforter. These lightweight down alternative comforters are also great for summer sleeping.

Down Alternative Pillows

Rest your head on the comfort of alpaca. You can an alpaca pillow in standard or king size, each in three different levels of firmness.

Alpaca Mattress Pad

Round out your all-natural bedding with a down alternative mattress topper. It, like all our other bedding, is stuffed with fabulously warm and natural alpaca fiber.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!