Foot warmers - Snuggly Toes alpaca insoles

Foot warmers - Snuggly Toes alpaca insoles
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Foot Warmers

I take great pride in making my alpaca foot warmers by creating durable, dense shoe inserts.

Why do Snuggly Toes cost $40?

Alpaca fiber and construction! More fiber and better construction make a better product.

My foot warmers are not simply felted like many foot warmers. The fiber is spun, knit, and then felted making an incredibly durable fabric -- it can be cut and will not unravel. That means more 100% alpaca fiber under your foot.

As an alpaca owner I adore the animals, believe in the benefits of the fiber, and hope to support the industry.


"First class product that does
all it claims. Super speedy
delivery and great customer service."


"Just wanted to let you know that I've lost my insoles to my daughter with the cold feet. She absolutely loves them! This is the first time in years that she doesn't wear 2 pairs of socks to keep her feet warm.I'm so happy I found your product!


"My father has neuropathy. He likes Snuggly Toes a lot. They don't hurt his feet and he said his feet felt warmer after just a few minutes. We really have tried everything for his poor feet and it's so nice to have found something that actually works. What a wonderful product you've created."


"The Snuggly Toes worked great! I used them while cross country skiing, and my feet stayed warm for the whole trip. The temperature was down to about 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The people with me on the trip all complained about cold feet.

Now my wife wants her own pair."
-Ken, Norway

Snuggly Toes Foot Warmers:

Give extra warmth to winter boots - Use these warm boot insoles to make your older winter boots warm again.

Make winter walks warmer - Placing Snuggly Toes alpaca foot warmers in your tennis shoes will warm up your walks.

Keep feet warm hiking - Put them in your hiking boots and have warm feet during your whole trip.

Make old slippers new again - These natural foot warmers rejuvenate old slippers where the sole is wearing out.

Turn summer Crocs into winter Crocs - Have warm Crocs with Snuggly Toes.

Have warm feet in the garden - Snuggly Toes are fantastic in your wellies.

Snuggly Toes foot warmers are really warm. One customer has to take his slippers OFF from time to time because his feet get too hot. These warm shoe inserts are all natural and incredibly warm.

What makes these inserts so warm? Alpaca fiber! Alpaca fiber is amazing. It insulates the animals against harsh conditions, and it does the same for your feet as foot warmers.

When owner Meredith O'Neil bundles up to do farm chores, she wears long johns, ski pants, a turtle neck, sweater, down jackets, two pair of gloves, a hat and boots (with Snuggly Toes foot warmers, of course). This gear keeps her pretty warm. Of course, she looks around the barn and sees 30 alpacas calmly standing around chewing their cud as if it's summer. Cold? Nah. They have alpaca coats.

A full winter of warm feet for only $39.95.

No Batteries to replace.

No Heating packs to replace.

Alpaca foot warmers are easy to fit too. They come in full sizes, but if you wear a half size, just get a size larger and trim them to fit. Any sharp pair of scissors will cut the warm shoe inserts. There's no need to stitch the new edge. Snuggly Toes won't fray.

Snuggly Toes are shipped via USPS and usually arrive within a week of being shipped. I try to ship within two days of receiving an order.

Customer Feedback:
"I work in construction. Snuggly Toes worked so well last year, I had to buy another pair this year." -John

"I had to order a custom size shoe insert. Meredith was easy to work with. After I e-mailed her I got the size I needed, no problem." -Gabriel

"Snuggly Toes were a big hit as Christmas presents." -Karen

Meredith's Story Snuggly Toes are just splendid, in my humble opinion. How warm are they? I used to live at 9,000 feet in Colorado. Some winters we had a foot of snow on the ground for months at a time. I used my alpaca foot warmers in uninsulated rubber boots to do all my winter chores. My feet were never cold.

But these foot warmers aren't just for farm chores. Are the outside of your winter boots just fine, but the lining has given out? Do you wish your winter boots were warmer? Try adding new, warm boot insoles. Snuggly Toes will give winter boots new life naturally.

These warm shoe inserts are made to keep your feet warm, whether you're hiking, walking or just cruising around the house. Warm feet make every activity better. Do you want warm feet while hiking? Just slip a pair of Snuggly Toes foot warmers into your hiking boots. How 'bout around the house? These babies work great in all kinds of shoes, plus Crocs and slippers. Do your winter boots need a little extra umph? Snuggly Toes will do it. So have warm feet hiking, around the house, or just about anywhere with Snuggly Toes warm shoe inserts.

Snuggly Toes alpaca natural foot warmers can be washed easily. Simply throw them in the washer on cold and air dry. Washing alpaca foot warmers will re-felt if you wash them in hot or put them in the dryer. Re-felting will cause them to change their shape and not fit in your shoe anymore.

Alpaca is a natural fiber. There is very little processing and no unnatural elements to Snuggly Toes. Here's how they're made. Alpaca is naturally warmer than wool. Take advantage of naturally warm alpaca fiber with Snuggly Toes. (They are most effective if you are walking.)

Snuggly Toes are made in the U.S.A. And all the fiber is grown at small American alpaca farms. The fiber is spun at an American mill. The inserts are made at Springtime Farms in Oregon.

**Don't see your size? Since I'm a small operation, special sizes are available by e-mailing

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!