Snuggly Toes

Snuggly Toes
Item# snuggly-toes-alpaca-shoe-inserts

Boot Insoles

Snuggly Toes alpaca boot insoles provide extra warmth and fit in any shoe or boot with a little wiggle room -- tennis shoes, rain boots, winter boots, Uggs, slippers and more! Alpaca fiber is light, strong, and incredibly warm.

Naturally Warm-100% alpaca fiber
Forms to your foot
Durable Construction
Made in America
Machine wash
Free shipping
Easy to size
*For half sizes: buy the size bigger and cut Snuggly Toes boot insoles down with sharp scissors. You don't have to do anything to the edge. Snuggly Toes will not fray or come apart.

See how I make Snuggly Toes:


Will Snuggly Toes slide around under my feet?
No. Snuggly Toes, after being worn a few times, form to your feet and settle in the boot. Before the boot insoles "settle," you may have to reposition them.

Do I take the manufacturer insoles out of my boot?
No. Snuggly Toes are for warmth. They do not provide support. So, keep the manufacturer's insoles in place and put Snuggly Toes right on top. Warmth and support.

Do Snuggly Toes take up a lot of room?
Snuggly Toes around about 1/4" thick when new, so the boot insoles do take up some room. Footwear that fits like a dress shoe won't work. Shoes that fit like a winter boot or have some give, like a tennis shoe, are great. Snuggly Toes are also perfect for slippers. Snuggly Toes will squish down giving you some of the room back while still staying warm.

Will Snuggly Toes stay 1/4" thick?
No. Snuggly Toes will squish with wear but the warmth is still there.

Are Snuggly Toes washable?
Yes. Machine wash cold, air dry.

How long will Snuggly Toes last?
It depends completely on how often you use our boot insoles. When used twice a day every day for farm chores (one to two hours), Snuggly Toes last all winter. If you wear them all day, every day, you can expect Snuggly Toes to last about two months.

Can Snuggly Toes be cut?
Yes. Snuggly Toes can be cut with any sharp pair of scissors. Fabric scissors work best. The alpaca fabric will not fray or come apart. In fact, Snuggly Toes were cut out with fabric scissors for years.

I take great pride in making Snuggly Toes by creating durable, dense, warm boot insoles. Please enjoy.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!