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Pet Beds
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Alpaca Pet Beds - Warm Pet Beds

Pet Beds Made in the U.S.
"I just wanted to let you know that the alpaca pet bed is a huge hit in our house! It's the most coveted spot in the house. Our greyhound Maggie and our cat Raven have an ongoing game of musical chairs - if one of them gets off the bed, the other one gets back on immediately." -Jeanne

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Fabric with various dog breeds on it. Mostly dark colors - brown and black. Fabric
Cats and kittens sitting in garden setting -- plants and watering cans.

Alpaca pet beds are super warm, eco-friendly, and washable! I make them in five different sizes (all prices include shipping):

Cat Size: $50, Measures 18" x 18"

Small Dog Size: $80, Measures 21" x 18"

Medium Dog Size: $100, Measures 28" x 25"

Large Dog Size: $120, Measures 36" x 28"

Extra Large Dog Size: $180, Measures 54" x 42"

You know how your pet loves to snooze in the sun or by the fire? They love to be warm, and an alpaca stuffed pet bed is just the way for them to do it. Your pet will love these beds because they are warm dog beds!

Testimonial: "I was pleasantly surprised to see how much filling you put into the beds. There's a LOT!! My cats all love it too!" -Sue

How do I know these are warm dog beds?

1) Alpaca has been tested, and it is a warm fiber.

2) I've laid on the beds, and I feel the warmth.

3) Most importantly, any time there's an alpaca pet bed or alpaca fiber around my house, my animals run to it!

You will love these warm dog beds because there will be no more bare spots and they are washable. The inner pillow of these pet beds have "tubes" stitched into them. These baffles keep the fiber in place. The alpaca fiber is stuffed in there pretty good too. Your dog or cat can spin and spin to their heart's content, and the fiber's not going anywhere.

Alpaca stuffed pet beds are comfy and warm for your pet, and they're easy for you. The pet beds from Springtime Farms have removable, washable covers. There is Velcro along one entire side so it's really easy to get it on and off. Then, simply re-attach the Velcro and toss it in the washer.

If you have a special fabric you'd like to use, e-mail

The pillows are also washable. They can go in the washer, but be sure to use cold water. Then they should air dry. Heat, soap and agitation can cause alpaca fiber to felt. The cold wash and air drying will prevent felting.

Prices are: $50 for a cat bed, $80 for a small dog bed, $100 for a medium dog bed, $120 for a large dog bed, $140 for an extra large dog bed. All prices include shipping.

Decker the cat sleeping on his alpaca stuffed pet bed "Decker no longer sleeps on the furniture. He prefers his Snugglytoes alpaca bed." -Lynn

Springtime Farms is a small, indepedent U.S. farm. The alpaca fiber comes from the 29 resident alpacas. Owner Meredith O'Neil takes care of everything - the animals, the buying, and the sewing.

These pet beds are American Made.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!