Alpaca Hats

Alpaca hats keep your head super warm. Even if it's an old wive's tale that 90% of your heat goes out through your head, it still feels good to have a hat on. I love the way alpaca hats feel on my ears too. When doing chores, if my ears get cold, I'm miserable. Alpaca fiber is naturally warm and keeps my ears toasty. And top of the warmth, there's the softness factor. Alpaca fiber is yummy.

Alpaca Hat

Pulling an alpaca hat over your head is like a dream. It's light, soft and cozy. It's also all natural. Alpaca fiber is sheared from the alpacas once a year. Except for their pride, the alpacas are not hurt. It is a clean fiber that requires very little processing to be made into yarn. Each fiber is very smooth. Many natural fibers have little barbs on it. The more barbs, the itchier the feel. Alpaca has fewer barbs than wool, and is, therefore, softer against the skin.

Alpaca Wool Hat

Basically an alpaca wool hat is going to be incredibly warm, all-natural, and really soft. All the alpaca hats on SnugglyToes.com are made in the U.S. with American fiber.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!