Alpaca, Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Alpaca, Down Alternative Mattress Topper
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Alpaca, Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Alpaca bedding from Crescent Moon Duvets is shipped approximately one week after it's ordered. Free shipping via UPS

Sleep on a little bit of heaven with an alpaca, down alternative mattress topper. Light and fluffy, these toppers are filled with 70% alpaca fiber and 30% sheep wool. These natural fillers create an incredibly warm mattress pad. Alpaca fiber, especially, will keep you super toasty. Each fiber has a hollow center which creates an air pocket for insulation. On top of that, there are snuggly air pockets between all the fibers.

You'll be warm and comfortable with these mattress toppers. You can also have some peace of mind knowing you mattress cover is hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic Mattress Cover

The covers, made by Crescent Moon Duvets in Canada, are hypoallergenic because of the alpaca fiber and the cotton fabric used on the outside. Alpaca fiber is naturally hypoallergenic thanks to its lack of barbs and lanolin. It's also raised naturally. There are no dyes, bleaches of pesticides on the fiber.

The cotton fabric is hypoallergnic because it has a very small pore size. There are actually two kinds of fabric for each hypoallergnic mattress cover. The natural cotton fabric has a pore size of 8.2 microns. The certified organic cotton fabric has a pore size of 4.5 microns. Both of these sizes resist dust mites and dust mite feces because those are larger than 10 microns.

Along with the small micron count, you'll get a soft mattress cover. The natural cotton has a 230-thread count. The certified organic cotton has a 260-thread count.

Sizes Crescent Moon alpaca mattress pads come in four sizes:
A twin size measures 39" x 72"
A full size measures 54" x 72"
A queen size measures 60" x 80"
A king size measures 78" x 80"

Prices The base price for our warm mattress pads is $450 for a twin with the natural cotton fabric. Each size steps up from there. In addition, the certified organic cotton fabric increases the price. In other words, a queen mattress pad with certified organic fabric costs $560.

Crescent Moon mattress pads are made in Canada by Julie McLean. She puts them together with locally grown alpaca fiber, an industrial sewing machine and a long-arm quilter.

Care A good matress topper is an investment that will last a lifetime. To protect your down alternative mattress topper from soil, perspiration and wear, we recommend the use of a fitted sheet at all times. Occasional airing will keep it fresh and clean. Alpaca wool loves fresh air and will re-loft when left outside for the day.

Wash your alpaca mattress topper as infrequently as possible. It will last longer. When you wash your mattress pad, it is very important to NOT use the agitation cycle. Agitation will felt the alpaca and wool ruining the pad.

Front load washer: Choose the "ultra hand wash" cycle of your washer. Use cool water and a mild natural soap such as Eucalan wool wash. When your machine stops, run it again on the spin cycle to make sure most of the water is out. Hang to dry.

Top load washer: Fill your machine with cool water and cleaner. Add the hypoallergenic mattress cover, let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then plunge it up and down by hand. Use the spin cycle to get the water out. Fill your machine with cool water and let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then plunge it up and down by hand again. Use the spin cycle to get the water out. Air dry.

Dry Cleaning: Find an environmentally friendly dry cleaner and share these instructions with them.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!