Down Alternative Alpaca Pillows

Down Alternative Alpaca Pillows
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Alpaca Pillows

Alpaca bedding from Crescent Moon Duvets is shipped approximately one week after it's ordered. Free shipping via UPS

Down Alternative Pillows

Enjoy a little bit of nighttime heaven by placing your head on alpaca pillows every night. These alternative down pillows are all natural, lofty, and non-allergentic.

The stuffing for each pillow is 70% alpaca fiber and 30% sheep's wool. Alpaca fiber is naturally warm. Each "hair" has air pockets which create insulation within the fiber. Add a bunch of others "hair" plus some lofty wool, and you have a lot of insulation.

Our alpaca pillows, an alternative to down, are available in soft, medium and firm.

They are stitched in a certified organic cotton fabric. It is resistent to dust mites because of its small pore size. This size indicates that dust mites can not get through the spaces between the threads of the fabric. The organic cotton has a 260 thread count.

Care Alpaca pillows must be hand washed in cool water and air dried. Agitation and hot water causes alpaca fiber and sheep wool to felt. In other words, if you put your alpaca pillows in the washer, especially on hot, the stuffing will be one big mass when it's done.

Our down alternative pillows are lovingly made by Julie McLean in western Canada. The fiber used is grown near the point of manufacturing.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!