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Alpaca Roving

The alpacas at Springtime Farms are really good at their jobs! They grow great fiber.

Calling this alpaca roving isn't completely accurate, but with the "tricks" of the internet, I had to use the term. The ends of the fiber that were exposed to the elements has been brushed so the fiber is ready to spin. I take a handful, and feed it into the wheel from the end that was closest to the animal. It has not been washed, and there is still some vegetable matter in it.

This fine alpaca roving, with an uncommon two year growth, is offered at $3.50 per ounce.

Alpacas are usually sheared every year. As an experiment, after we moved the farm to an easier climate, we did not shear in 2011. This alpaca roving is made from that extra long fiber.

Antonio Roberto is a gorgeous silver gray with a 6" staple length.

Antonio Roberto has a very nice personality, but he is definitely interested in the girls. So, he will act like a big boy from time to time. His familial trait is to pin his ears back and stare at you with great big eyes.
Twistito's 5" staple spins into a deep, rich brown. He is a bay black alpaca.

I made the mistake of asking my dad to name my new alpaca. Twistito's mom, Tessa, had a twisted uterus with this pregnancy. Since alpacas are from South America, my darling dad named him Twistito. He's worn the name well, and simply carries on, very mellowly.
Henry has an adorable personality! He also has a 5" staple length and beautiful medium fawn color.

Henry is a total love bug. He is the first boy to come over to the fence when I walk up. If I bend at the waist, dear, dear Henry will sniff my hair. He always makes me feel good.
Painted Face, to be honest, is a bit of a wonky girl, but her fiber is stunning! The brown staple is 4 1/2".

From a breeding point of view, Painted Face is not the best alpaca. Her conformation and teeth are a bit off, but her fiber is still very lovely. She's on the independent side and tends to stay away from humans. Her herd is her family though. This girl is out front when she thinks there is danger.

I've spun with this product for years and am very happy with the finished yarn.

Shipping charges of $1/ounce will be applied at check-out.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!