Large Breed Dog Bed Stuff with Alpaca Fiber

Large Breed Dog Bed Stuff with Alpaca Fiber
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Extra Large Warm Dog Bed

Large Breed Dog Bed Made in the U.S.


The dog in the picture above is a 170 lb. Mastiff/Lab mix named of our customers who loves his extra large pet bed.
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Cats and kittens sitting in garden setting -- plants and watering cans.

Are you having a hard time finding a dog bed big enough for your Great Dane or other large breed dog? An extra large dog bed from Snuggly Toes might do the trick. These dog beds are made specifically for large breed dogs. They measure 54" x 42". Now that's an extra large dog bed.

I've made the large dog beds for a while now. It's the size my rottweiler/shepherd mix sleeps on. She's a pretty good sized dog, so I figured that was as big as they needed to be. Then I went to the Furry Scurry, a fundraising dog walk in Denver, and I saw all the Great Danes.

The Great Dane owners kept asking if I could make a bigger dog bed. They could never find a Great Dane dog bed. You could almost see the lightbulb go on over my head.

Large breed dog beds were in my future, and now they're here. And they're not just for Great Danes. Any large breed dog will be happy with an extra large, alpaca stuffed dog bed.

Why would they be happy with an alpaca stuffed dog bed? Because alpaca fiber is incredibly warm! Although I've come across a few dogs who get too hot, most love to be warm. They lie in the sun; they snuggle close to the warm bodies of their people.

You'll love these Great Dane dog beds because you won't get any more bare spots! I stitch baffles into the pillow of each extra large dog bed so the fiber stays put.

Each pillow also has a cover made from one of three adorable animal print fabrics. "Woof" is great for any dog. "Meow" and "Garden Kitties" is for those large breed dogs with a sense of humor.

To make life easy for you, I sew Velcro on one entire side of the cover. It makes it much easier to get the cover on and off for washing.

I suggest re-attaching the Velcro (so it doesn't stick to your other clothes), then throwing it in the washing machine.

If your machine is big enough, you can also wash the pillow. However, it must be washed in cold water and air dried. Hot water, soap and agitation causes alpaca fiber to felt, and that will ruin your large breed dog bed.

Have you been thinking of adopting a Great Dane? There are some wonderful Great Dane rescues.

Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue.