Large Warm Dog Bed Stuffed with Alpaca Fiber

Large Warm Dog Bed Stuffed with Alpaca Fiber
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Large Warm Dog Bed

Warm alpaca stuffing Large Dog Beds Made in the U.S.


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Fabric with various dog breeds on it. Mostly dark colors - brown and black. Fabric
Cats and kittens sitting in garden setting -- plants and watering cans.

Large dogs need large dog beds. Here at Snuggly Toes, we not only have large dog beds, we have large WARM dog beds. Our dog beds are stuffed with natural, really warm alpaca fiber.

The fiber is sheared yearly (the alpacas aren't hurt) by a professional shearer. This keeps them cool in the summer, and gives them time to grow more warm alpaca fiber for the winter.

I stuff the alpaca fiber into the pillows I make for the large warm dog beds. Each pillow has baffles in it. The baffles create long tubes of fiber. They keep the fiber in place. In other words, no more bare spots.

I then sew a cover for each pillow. In all, every large warm dog bed measures 36" x 28". If it's going to take up a lot of space in your home, it might as well be cute. The "Woof" fabric was designed for the dog lover. The "Meow" and "Garden Kitties" would do well in a home with a big sense of humor.

Both the pillow and the cover are machine washable. The cover has Velcro along one side so it's easy to get on and off. Throw it in the washer and dryer. (Re-attaching the Velcro first means your other clothes won't stick to it.) The pillow can go in the washer, but must be washed in cold and air dried. Otherwise, the alpaca fiber might felt causing a big clump of fiber.

These large alpaca dog beds are made in the U.S. And the fiber is grown in America too. Thank you for supporting the little guy.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!