Lightweight Alpaca Comforter, Down Alternative

Lightweight Alpaca Comforter, Down Alternative
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Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter

Alpaca bedding from Crescent Moon Duvets is shipped approximately one week after it's ordered. Free shipping via UPS

Lightweight Alpaca Comforter

Get ready to sleep under a little bit of heaven when you buy a Crescent Moon lightweight down alternative comforter.

The stuffing for this comforter is alpaca fiber -- one of the most luxurious natural fibers around. It is naturally warm thanks to the air pockets in each fiber. More warmth is created with the air pockets between all the fibers within the comforter. Thirty percent of the stuffing is sheep wool giving each alpaca comforter a light, airy feel. This lightweight alpaca comforter is perfect for summer weather or anyone who stays warm throughout the winter. If you want all the warmth you can get, try a winter alpaca comforter.

Natural Bedding
• No Dust Mites
• No Bleach
• Pesticide Free
• No dyes
• Small pore size

Alpaca comforters are ideal for people looking to "clean" their environments. Alpaca fiber does not harbor dust mites or mold. It is grown without presticides, and isn't treated with bleach or dyes. It is natural! Each lightweight alternative down comforter is made with an organic cotton fabric. The fabric has a small pore size....smaller than the size of dust mites AND their feces. Simply put the little buggers can't get through your comforter. The certified organic cotton fabric has a thread count of 260.

In addition to being all natural, you can rest assured knowing your bedding purchase is supporting two small businesses and was made without hurting any animals. Julie McLean hand-crafts Crescent Moon Duvets is Canada. She lovingly combines alpaca fiber, sheep wool and cotton fabric with an industrial sewing maching and long arm quilter creating heavenly bedding. Meredith Kuhl owns Springtime Farms and She raises alpacas in Oregon, makes products with her fiber and sells others' alpaca creations. Alpaca fiber is sheared from the animals once a year. The haircut may be a little embarassing, but it is not painful.

alpaca being sheared This is Meredith's Grey being sheared. She is tied down for her safety. She is unable to move and therefore, she can't get cut by the electric shearer. The shearer is a professional, but the clippers are sharp. Keeping the alpacas still is important for their safety. Each shearing takes approximately 10 minutes.

Prices The base price for a twin size lightweight alpaca comforter is $440. The prices to the right of the size in the drop-down box indicates how much will be added for each size and type of fabric. For example, a queen size costs $605...$440 + $165. All alpaca comforters come with FREE shipping within the continental United States.

Sizes Crescent Moon alpaca comforters come in four sizes:
A twin size measures 66" x 86"
A full size measures 78" x 86"
A queen size measures 86" x 90"
A king size measures 90" x 102"

• Limited 5-year warranty on craftsmanship.

Care A good duvet is an investment that will last a lifetime. To protect your lightweight alpaca comforter from soil, perspiration and wear, we recommend the use of a cover at all times. Occasional airing will keep them fresh and clean. Alpaca wool loves fresh air and will re-loft when left outside for the day.

Wash your lightweight alpaca comforter as infrequently as possible. It will last longer. When you wash your comforter, it is very important to NOT use the agitation cycle. Agitation will felt the alpaca and wool ruining the comforter.

Front load washer: Choose the "ultra hand wash" cycle of your washer. Use cool water and a mild natural soap such as Eucalan wool wash. When your machine stops, run it again on the spin cycle to make sure most of the water is out. Hang to dry.

Top load washer: Fill your machine with cool water and cleaner. Add the lightweight down alternative comforter, let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then plunge it up and down by hand. Use the spin cycle to get the water out. Fill your machine with cool water and let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then plunge it up and down by hand again. Use the spin cycle to get the water out. Air dry.

Dry Cleaning: Find an environmentally friendly dry cleaner and share these instructions with them.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!