Medium Warm Dog Beds Stuffed with Alpaca

Medium Warm Dog Beds Stuffed with Alpaca
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Medium Warm Dog Bed

Stuffed with warm alpaca fiber Dog Beds Made in the U.S.


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Fabric with various dog breeds on it. Mostly dark colors - brown and black. Fabric
Cats and kittens sitting in garden setting -- plants and watering cans.

Does your medium sized breed dog need a new place to snooze? Is his or her old dog bed worn out and ragged? Or may you're hoping your dog will quit sleeping in your bed/on the couch.

I can't promise your dog will quit sleeping on the bed, but dogs love the warm places to sleep. That's why they love alpaca stuffed dog beds. Alpaca fiber is incredibly warm, naturally. My alpaca don't give a second look to the harsh winters here at 8,000 feet in Colorado. They don't have to. They have a ton of alpaca fiber.

In the summer though, it's time to get all that fiber off. So, I hire a professional shearer to give my babies a haircut. They alpacas aren't hurt for their fiber.

One of the things I do with the alpaca fiber is stuff it into medium warm dog beds. The medium dog beds measure 28" x 25".

First I sew a square pilow with baffles in it out of cotton. The baffles are stuffed with the alpaca fiber....they're like tubes of warmth.

Each pillow is covered with a fun animal print fabric. "Woof" is perfect for all dogs. "Meow" and "Garden Kitties" is for dogs with a sense of humor. (They're also for the cat beds.)

Each cover is closed with Velcro. The Velcro is along one side so it's easy to get the cover on and off. That means it's easy to throw the cover of your warm medium dog bed in the washing machine. (If you close the Velcro first, other clothes won't stick to it.)

The pillow can also be washed, but only wash it on cold and air dry. Hot water, soap and agitation make alpaca fiber felt, and that would ruin your dog bed.

You have many choices when it comes to dog beds. We like to treat our pets like the members of the family they are. The market has responded. I appreciate you considering buying an alpaca stuffed medium dog bed made in the U.S.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!