Small Warm Dog Beds Stuffed with Alpaca

Small Warm Dog Beds Stuffed with Alpaca
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Small Warm Dog Bed Stuffed with Alpaca Fiber

Cat Beds Made in the U.S.


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IF you're looking for small dogs beds for small dogs, consider one stuffed with natural alpaca fiber. Alpaca stuffed pet beds are great for a couple of reasons.

1) They're incredibly warm for your pet. Alpaca fiber is naturally warm than wool.

2) The stuffing of these warm small dog beds is all natural.

3) It's a small dog bed made in the U.S.

4) No more bare spots.

5) It's a washable small dog bed.

First things first....the alpacas at Springtime Farms grow the fiber. Each year a professional shearer is brought in to give the alpacas a haircut. They are not hurt for their fiber.

The fiber is incredibly warm. Warmer than wool. My dog, Grace, will lay on alpaca fiber (whether it's in a dog bed or not) anytime, anywhere.

Dog beds for small dogs are great if they're the right size. My small warm dog beds measure 21" x 18".

After shearing, the sewing begins. First I sew a pillow out of cotton fabric. Each pillow has rows for stitching that create baffles. The baffles are stuffed with the natural alpaca fiber. That's why the fiber stays put. No more bare spots.

I then sew a cover for the pillow out of one of the fun animal fabrics. The "Woof" fabric is perfect for any dog, small or large. The "Meow" and "Garden Kitties" are great for any cat or a dog with a sense of humor.

Each cover has Velcro along one entire side so it's easy to get off the pillow and throw it in the washer. Just remember, it's easier if you close the Velcro before putting it in the machine. If you don't, it'll wash just fine, but you'll probably have other clothes sticking to the Velcro. Wash any way you'd like.

The pillow of the small warm dog bed can go in the washer too. Wash the pillow on cold and air dry. (Hot water, soap and agitation makes alpaca fiber felt.)

All the work is done here at Springtime Farms in Colorado. When you buy from Springtime Farms, you buy a dog bed made in the U.S.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!