Warm Cat Bed Stuffed with Alpaca Fiber

Warm Cat Bed Stuffed with Alpaca Fiber
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Warm Cat Bed Stuffed with Alpaca Fiber

Cat Beds Made in the U.S.
"Within seconds of putting her new bed on the floor, my cat Melora was sitting on it. As you can see from the picture, she is "purrrfectly" pleased! :) I was looking for a warm cat bed that was made in America, and I cannot thank you and your alpacas enough for creating such a great product! :)-Susan

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In the middle of a sweltering summer in New Jersey, my cat, Spring, would lie on my chest with sun streaming through the window. He loved the warmth....hot and humid air, body heat, and rays of sun. My current cat, Winter, simply plops herself down on an alpaca stuffed cat bed. That's where she gets her warmth.

Alpaca fiber is incredibly warm, and it makes a natural, warm cat bed. One day I was lying on the pile at a farmer's market, talking to my neighbor. Without even thinking about it, I commented how warm it was. Then, of course, I laughed at myself. It was the alpaca pet beds!

All the cat beds are made in the U.S. here at Springtime Farms. They're made by hand and stuffed with alpaca fiber grown in the U.S. They measure 18" x 18".

The pillow of this warm cat bed is made from a cotton fabric. Nothing special there. But, what is special is the baffles. The pillow has tubes stiched into it. The alpaca fiber is stuffed into the tubes. The result is alpaca fiber that stays put. In other words, no more bare spots!

I then sew a cover out of more cotton fabric. I have three options for the covers, or send me an e-mail if you have a specific fabric you want to use....Meredith@SnugglyToes.com. If you send the fabric to me, I'll make a pet bed cover out of it.

Two of the fabric options are totally kitty cat....Garden Kitties and Meow. The Woof fabric is great for really small dogs or for cats with a sense of humor.

Each cover has Velcro along one whole side so it's easy to get off and on.

Both the cover and the warm cat bed pillow are washable. When washing the cover, it's easiest to stick the Velcro back together. That way it won't stick to your other laundry. When washing the pillow, be sure to use cold water and air dry. Hot water, soap and agitation makes the alpaca fiber felt.

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Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!