Item# alpaca-fiber

Do you love spinning alpaca fiber? Then treat yourself to 2.8 pounds of this gorgeous, soft fawn fiber from Hermione, and enjoy her six inch staple length!The entire alpaca fleece is $120.00, plus $10 for shipping in the continental United States.

Hermione grew this alpaca fiber over the course of two years creating this wonderfully long staple.

I do not test my fiber but can tell by touch whether it's soft, just ok, or coarse. Hermione is soft!

The nearly solid fawn color will spin into a gorgeous yarn with subtle variations from the naturally colored fiber.

There is 2.8 pounds of fiber in the lot.

The alpaca fiber has been lightly skirted. I've gotten almost all the second cuts out and the coarser fiber from the legs and neck. I've picked some of the vegetable matter out but not all.

For more of the two years Hermione was either grazing on green grass or eating alfalfa pellets. So, based on my experience, there is not much vegetable matter.

Hermione does not have much crimp to her fiber.

Hermione's alpaca fiber is for sale by the entire fleece only. If you prefer to buy smaller bits, please see the alpaca roving page.

Snuggle up with alpaca warmth!